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For those seeking a more precise understanding of the Writings or the inner meaning of the Word, online resources make it easy to find specific passages and learn correspondences.

  • Heavenlydoctrines.org makes the Writings fully accessible online, allowing users to search for specific topics, find exact quotations, compare translations, and view the original Latin text. The site is useful for people ranging from Swedenborg scholars to those with a more casual interest in the Writings.
  • Kemptonproject.org makes a New Church translation of the Bible available to the public. The New Church version of the Word illuminates the deeper meaning of biblical allegory, using Swedenborg's Writings to reveal hidden truth.
  • Baltimorenewchurch.org is an easy way to explore the core teachings of the New Church in their different facets. The site gives links to relevant passages in the Word and the Writings, highlights key sermons on the same topic, and suggests further reading.
  • Biblegateway.com enables you to search for Bible passages in over 35 languages with access to 50 different versions.
  • Newchurchmusic.org provides access to music for New Church music from the Liturgy and New Church musicians. It allows individuals or congregations to learn the music, find music by topic, access accompaniment files for many songs, etc. Due to musical copyright laws, a login and password are required to use this site.