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Shift of Heart - Week 7

Jacob has finally come to the point in his journey where he willing to prioritize being nice over being right. However, there is one last step: complete submission. Jacob not only sends Esau massive gifts, but he bows before Esau seven times and addresses Esau has his "lord". We too need to truly submit ourselves to the goal of being better, to put the focus on being a good person, not a righteous one. Esau gladly accepts his brother back, but while Jacob is happy to be reunited, he can't go with Esau. He has to stay a couple days behind because while he's ready to be good, he's not ready to be THAT good. With that, God acknowledges that our transformation is a process, and we should treat it like a tender plant, giving it sun and water, encouraging it to grow and not asking it to do more than it can handle.

For more, see the Sermon Short video here.