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News & Events

Bible Study - June 13, 7:30pm

On Wednesday the 13th, feel free to come to the church to our continual study of the book of Revelation. In this study we will begin Chapter 19. What does this all mean? Come and see!

Red Cross Blood Drive - May 15

Did you know that it only takes one pint of your precious blood to save three lives? And it only takes a small time out of your day to donate. Please consider stopping by our church on May 15, anytime between 2-7pm. Walk ins are welcome, though you can schedule an appointment by signing up online at redcrossblood.org. Put in Ivyland New Church as the sponsor code. See you then!

Special 25 year Anniversary Celebration - April 29

The Hatboro/Horsham Group - Ivyland Society has been around for more than 25 years. This anniversary celebration really marks the time when our current church building was dedicated back in 1992. As most of you know by now we are having a 25 year anniversary celebration of Ivyland on April 29, starting with a family style service at 10am. Invitations have been sent out to all our friends and families who have had some association with Ivyland in the past. We hope that most of you can make it to this significant milestone event. YOU have been an important component to our church, bringing it to where it is today. This is definitely worth celebrating! There will be a special program immediately following the service. All the former pastors of Ivyland have been invited to attend if possible and say a few things to mark this occasion. We will then wrap things up nicely with a potluck lunch and BBQ. There will be a tent outside, Other news and information hopefully the weather will cooperate!

Annual Christmas Show, December 8

Seasonal storyteller Don Rose is back to share his fascinating and entertaining insights about Christmas music, featuring the magical piano stylings of Jameson van Horn. Wine/spirits and fine cheese at 7, program at 8. $20 door price supports the uses of Ivyland New Church.

Shift of Heart - Week 7

It isn't always fun to be a better person, but God promises that if we change our ways, He'll change our heart.

Shift of Confidence- Week 6

We only gain real confidence in our abilities when those abilities are put to the test. Jacob was tested, and asked for a blessing. So should we.

Shift of Motivation - Week 5

After spending years with Uncle Laban, Jacob now sees that his education is paying off. Likewise, after we spend time learning how to be a good person, we have to shift our efforts to actually BEING a good person.

Shift of Expectations - Week 4

Okay, so now you've got a goal and an expectation of reaching that goal. How do you deal with it when things don't work out the way you planned?

Shift of Focus - Week 3

What, or rather, who do you want to be? Try not think "doctor" or "lawyer" or "football player", try instead to think of how you want to feel. Do you want to be a more courageous person? Or a more compassionate person? Jacob illustrates how a shift of focus can make the goal a reality.

God uses others to connect to you! - Week 2

Feeling far away from God? Feeling like life has spun you around and left you confused? So did Jacob, and guess what God told him in a dream...