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Sacramental Services

In the New Church we celebrate only two sacraments, Baptism and the Holy Supper. These are often conducted during regular Sunday morning services and when they are, special provisions are made for them. They may also be conducted in private services arranged in a home or hospital setting, or at the church with one the pastor.

Holy Supper: In this sacrament (also known as "Communion") we eat unleavened bread and drink wine. Participants are called to the chancel rail in groups of 10 to 15, where they receive the elements from the pastor while standing in prayer or meditation. Those who are not formal members of this congregation are warmly invited to participate. Holy Supper is offered 4 times a year as a reminder of the Lord's love and wisdom actively working in us. Holy Supper is also a form of encouragement to receive these spiritual gifts as He offered them.

Baptism: People may be baptized as children or adults. We emphasize the meaning of the ceremony, which is an introduction into the truths that make up our faith, and this will form the basis of the spiritual life and growth that follow. Baptism is a "gate of entrance" to full adult membership of the church on earth. It also grants signed membership for the established New Church Organization.

Other Services

Marriage: The New Church teachings on marriage are unique and especially important to us. They reveal the fundamental spiritual differences between men and women, and show how a husband and wife can complement each other in an equal partnership that lasts to eternity. They list and explain the particular requirements of an ideal marriage, and they also show how a couple can work to restore peace and happiness in a struggling marriage. Our betrothal and wedding ceremonies typically reflect these teachings.

Arrangements for Communion, baptisms, confirmations, betrothals, weddings, home dedications and memorial services may be made with the pastor at any time