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Ivyand New Church would love to have you join us at any of our holiday services.

Palm Sunday - a regular service. As you enter the church  you may pick up a palm branch and carry it forward to lay on the chancel during the first hymn.

Easter - a family-style service, with nursery but no Sunday School scheduled. The congregation is invited to bring an offering of flowers to celebrate the Lord's resurrection. The people may bring flowers directly to the chancel attendants.

New Church Day (held on the Sunday nearest June 19th) - a regular service. Following the service, there is a community picnic on the church lawn.

Thanksgiving Family Service - the congregation is invited to bring an offering of fruit as a token of thanks. After the opening of the Word, during the second hymn, the people come forward by the center aisle to present fruit to the minister and then return to the pew by the side aisles. One address is given for all; there is no Sunday School.

Christmas Caroling Service - a worship service consisting of Christmas songs interspersed with brief readings.

Children's Christmas Pageant - a worship service of nativity scenes portrayed by the children, with little movement and no speech presented on the chancel. While a tableau is being shown, a minister reads the story it portrays from Scripture. Christmas hymns and special music are included.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service - an evening service for families, this service has one address for all.