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From the Pastor:

Just five months ago our days were very short; remember the sun would start to go down at around 4:30pm! It seems like an appropriate time of year for this to happen since we celebrate the Lord's advent then. When He came the world was full of darkness and it was cold, much like our winters.But since then our days have gotten longer. The air got warmer. It seems like the world becomes a better place around this time. Now we are at the point when days are the longest, full of light and warmth. It also seems like an appropriate time of year to celebrate the beginning of the New Church, the church that promises a life of love and faith in abundance! This is the gift we get when we do the work of spiritual growth.You might still work hard over the summer, you might be going on vacation, but don't forget to take time to relax. We get some of the greatest things when we get to a good stopping point and see what's going on out there. You might discover things you never noticed before: a new tree, a powerful phrase in a book, a melodious song, a still small voice.Obviously our inner states do not depend on the time of year, though we all go through cycles that resemble the changing seasons and times. As we go through the physical changes in season, let them serve as a reminder of the things the Lord gives us as the New Church settles in your hearts and minds: love and faith in abundance!

Pastor Ryan Sandström